This is really a great training tool. I love it because it puts my small dogs a bit higher but it can be used for so many things. Mine is very well used! They all have no issues using it and never have but if your dog does you can easily unscrew the legs so it is lower and then let them get used to it that way and then you can add the legs back. The legs also store on the other side and snap into groves. You can buy more then one and they can connect together. It really is an awesome training tool. Penny  likes to take her chew toy and lay on it to chew her toy. Blue-9 Klimb


Agility Hoop


Joey tried this one out! It was quick to put together. You can adjust it to three different heights (I have it in the middle height). It is made of foam so it probably wouldn’t hold up to a lot of abuse but its pretty sturdy. It comes in a clear bag that has handles so you can take it apart and store it easy. It takes like two minutes to put it together. I am very happy with it for practicing agility inside. It is really great for indoor exercise. It is made by Rosewood Pet. I got mine from amazon. rosewood pet hoop jump!

Trick Training Book


This is my favorite book to help you train your dog to do tricks. It really works and makes it seem so easy. All the things we have tried and done we had great success with. I really recommend it if you want to teach tricks. It is 101 dog tricks by Kyra Sundance. You can get it on Amazon or some pet stores sell it. http://www.amazon.com/101-Dog-Tricks-Activities-Challenge/dp/1592533256/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1426014549&sr=8-1-fkmr0&keywords=101+pet+tricks+by+Kara



We tried Nexguard late summer of last year. I hate topical flea and tick meds because the greasiness never seems to go away, Callie would act like she didn’t feel really good for a day afterwords, and you always had to make sure no one touched the stuff. Well the only other choice other then topicals that covers fleas and ticks and also covers heartworms was Trifexis and I had to just heard way way to many horrible and terrible things and Trifexis that I was not going to use that. Then Nexguard came out and it sounded great. It is just for fleas and ticks so you still have to give heartworm prevention but that was fine with me. I asked my vet about it and got one dose free to try. All the Vets, Vet Techs, and office staff were saying how awesome it is and most of them had there dogs on it. I gave Callie the dose and no issues. So when she went back for her yearly check up we decided to get 6 doses of it. Its a bit expensive but Callie has had no reactions to it and it seems to be working so I am very happy with it.

Neo to Go


This stuff is great if your dog gets a little nick or cut. Its has the same great power as regular Neosporin but in a different form that drys and the dog can’t lick it off. I have used it several times on little nicks and it worked great. Make sure you don’t get it in the dogs eyes though and if it looks infected you might need to have it checked out by your vet.

Dog shoes






People don’t always think about their dogs paws and protecting them. In the summer the pavement and concrete can be really hot and cause very bad burns and in the winter time snow, ice and road salt can get stuck between the pads of their feet and hurt and freeze. Road salt is toxic for them so if they lick it off their paws they can get really sick. We need to think about their paws especially when we are taking them for their daily walks. They also help keep grass and pollen off of dogs paws who have allergy problems. Walks are such good exercise and with so many dogs becoming overweight this is a great way to continue to be able to walk them without any weather slowing you down or hurting their paws. We tried these awesome dog shoes from our friend Karen’s store http://www.alldogboots.com/. They are so very well put together and such great quality. Karen has great costumer service and is willing to help you with anything whether it is finding the right type of shoes or the right size. Please don’t forget about your furry ones paws they need to be protected too.




Callie has Luxating Patella and this is what her Orthopedic Surgeon recommended she take. It is a joint supplement. We have tried these which are the soft chews and the chewable pills and I really like the soft chews better. Callie thinks it is just a treat and takes it with no problems. It can easily be broken in half or in a couple small pieces for smaller dogs. I normally get mine from amazon.com. I have a pill box and put them in there so I remember to give them to her.